Arm Impairments

14 Jan

I often assert that rowing is one of the most physically inclusive sports there is. Its curse – of being a full-body strength-cum-endurance sport that has your whole body screaming for oxygen and glucose at once – is also its … Read More »

Leg-Extension Limiter

7 Jan

Most impairments keep the athlete from moving enough, but sometimes the challenge can be moving too much. The fixed seat for PR2 (“TA” or “Trunk and Arm”) rowers is an obvious example. Many PR2 rowers can simply sit on a … Read More »

Zoe Berwick – Million Metre Challenge

1 Jan

Happy New Year 2018! Making New Year’s Resolutions? Maybe something to do with training harder? The Concept 2 Million Metre Challenge – rowing one million metres on a rowing machine in one year – is about the boldest resolution one … Read More »