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9 Aug

Welcome to Adaptive Rowing UK.  I’ve decided to start a blog/website about Adaptive Rowing in the UK.  I have been coaching and coordinating the Adaptive Rowing Programme at Marlow Rowing Club for 3 years now and have gotten more and more involved with the sport beyond the club.  The area of adaptive rowing provokes lots of questions and concerns among both the athletes and the clubs.  I’m spending more and more time sending emails out to folks about the sport so I thought it might be most productive and useful to create a place on the web where I could just post everything for everyone’s easy access.

The main subjects that I intend to feature here include…

  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Adaptive Events
  • Useful Information and Reference Material
  • Athlete and Coach Profiles

One Reply to “Welcome to Adaptive Rowing UK”

  1. Has anyone used the ‘Crew Nerd’ app on I phone as a stroke coach – particularly using it audibly?

    I need an audible stroke coach but I cannot find a dedicated stroke coach with an audible facility. So I wondered if this app was an option for blind / partially sighted people to use.

    The potential issue I can see is how I (in a single scull) listen to radio controlled directions from another person in one ear, and having to have a phone with the app on, in a second waterproof pack and a second headphone / ear piece in the other ear…… (potential brain meltdown!)

    Would it work?

    Has anyone any experience of the app?

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