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18 Nov

Marlow sits in the hilltop shadow of its local council, High Wycombe, famous for its chair industry. The nickname for the local football team, the Wycombe Wanderers, is the “Chairboys”. It even boasts a Chair Museum at few miles from the club (renowned for being about as interesting as a 1 hours erg piece). So we residents of the area have a bit of an appreciation for both the construction and diversity of the seating craft.

In many respects, the seat is the most pivotal piece of adaptive equipment for an adaptive rower especially PR1 and PR2 classifications. And, not surprisingly, the seats are as varied as the impairments the athletes present.

Two major considerations when purchasing an adaptive rowing seat…

  1. Suitability – Does its design and construction meet the support and adaptation needs of the athlete?
  2. Size – Does the seat fit in a boat that the athlete is able to use? To accommodate the extra adaptations, adaptive seats are often considerably wider than conventional sculling seats. Many simply do not fit not only in sleek sculls, but also some even don’t fit in some boats designed to be used for adaptive rowing.

Once you have your seat, you that doesn’t have to be the end of the adaptation. As City of Oxford RC’s Jo Barber demonstrates in her photo above, she has added extra padding to provide the extra support for her body position. In future articles, I will explore the magic wonders of foam and how it can be used to augment adaptive seating.

The table below catalogues all of the adaptive seats I have found. If you have any I have missed out, let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list so this becomes a living document with the latest in available seating equipment.






Fixed Back, Fixed Seat Wintech
Seat - fixed back - fixed - Wintech
34cm £420
Fixed Back, Fixed Seat  Swift Seat - fixed back - fixed - Swift 30cm £281
Fixed Back, Fixed Seat  Resolute Seat - fixed back - fixed - Resolute  28cm $1,400
Fixed Back, Fixed Seat  Draft Seat - fixed back - fixed - Draft 42cm (only second hand – production on hold indefinitely and no more stock available)
Fixed Back, Fixed Seat, Large  Wintech Seat - fixed back - fixed - Wintech large 40cm £600
Fixed Back, Sliding Seat, High  (Marlow RC) Seat - fixed back - fixed - Marlow 35.5cm £36
Fixed Back, Sliding Seat, Low  (Marlow RC) Seat - low fixed back - sliding (custom to base seat used)

10 Replies to “Adaptive Seat Catalogue

  1. I spoke to Draft today. While they had stopped production and sales for their fixed seats, they have just been trying to refine the product and manufacturing process and hope to start selling them again later in the year.

  2. Advances in the equipment available for rowers with a disability and the increasing number of accessible rowing venues has meant that rowing is truly becoming a leader in inclusive sport.

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  4. Have used the new wintech seat. I’m a T-12 para with most of my core muscles. I found the seat has a limited amount of adjustment. The seat only adjust backward about 10 degrees which is not enough to really get a decent stroke. Also started getting pressure sores on the sacrum and coccyx due to the back being so rigid and the padding so stiff. I’ve tried the old wintech seat and it’s seems to be more adjustable and perhaps a better choice for lower level paraplegics who want to get a fuller stroke.

    • I use a wintech, and I have good core and only need a fix seat as I can use my legs and need the seat and strap so my coach actuall took the whole back part off, if you can find someone who knows how too and if your body allows it really helped me get ahead in my stroke

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  6. have no trunk stability and total los of left side searching for a high backrest with arm support and belts , to mount on a concept 2 who knows anything i am in amsterdam🤫🤫

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