UK Adaptive Indoor Rowing Events

28 Feb

In the depths of winter land training (shorter daylight hours, colder water, and faster water all keeping most training off the water), a number of Indoor Rowing events are livening up the steady diet of erg pieces with some competition and challenge.  When I first posted the list of Adaptive Rowing Events, I knew of a few indoor events that supported adaptive categories and included them in the original list.  Since then, I have found the British Rowing catalogue of indoor events (here).  My experience with the indoor events that we at Marlow have entered is that pretty much any indoor event will add an adaptive category if you approach them with interest.  For example, the South West Indoor Rowing’’ Championship’s posted specifically states “a category will be formed when there are more than 2 entrants”.  As a result, I’ve decided to segregate the Indoor events into the list below so there is one place for all the indoor events and one list for all the water events.

I’ve kept the same Google Map showing both and differentiating indoor and water by colour (indoor is green and water is blue).  I have only added the events to the map that I know have had an adaptive category in the past.

What I have noted in the Indoor list below is whether the particular event has had an adaptive event in the past.  If they have had adaptive experience, then registering for the event should be pretty straightforward.  If not, I would advise contacting the organisers directly and coordinating with the them you rowing in an adaptive category.  I did not include every event included in the British Rowing list because some were not straightforward competitions (eg.  the Row for It event in Solihull is a sponsored row) or were not UK (eg.  Irish and World Indoor rowing championships).

Also, with the winter month slew of piece on indoor rowing, I have added a tag for “Erg” to the website for all posts about adaptive indoor rowing.

Event  2019 Date  NOTES
South of England Junior Indoor Champs  09 February
National Junior Indoor Rowing Champs  28 February
World Rowing Virtual Indoor  04-08 March
British Rowing Virtual Championships  11 September
Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships  November tbc
Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships  November tbc
Dorset Indoor Rowing Championships  19 November
British Indoor Rowing Championships  December tbc

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