National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2018

15 Mar

National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships (NJIRC) claims that it is the “World’s biggest national indoor rowing competition,” but it is also by far the biggest adaptive rowing competition I have ever seen in the UK. At most adaptive events, you are lucky to see a few competitors and some of the most popular events have up to a dozen entries as times. But NJIRC has 98 adaptive athletes competing. Or as NJIRC refers to them – “SEND”, Special Educational Needs and Disability.

  • We are also proud to present that of our 2000+ competitors, 50% are girls, over 60% are from a minority ethnic background and we cater specifically for those with sensory, learning and physical disabilities.”

Being in such a large group of young athletes, the event has an electric buzz of enthusiasm throughout the day.

Congratulations to all the athletes, especially the medal winners below:

  • SEND Girls KS4 (20 entries)
    • 1. Georgia Walker, Marlow RC
    • 3. Alicia White, Conisborough
  • SEND Girls KS3 (12 entries)
    • 1. Jenna Maunder, Solent Rowing Club
    • 2. Juanita Alberto Mossbourn, Victoria Park Academy
    • 3. D’yah Alfred, Stormont House
  • SEND Boys KS4 (40 entries)
    • 1. Brett England, Stormont House
    • 2. Tyson Williams, Stormont House
    • 3. Andrew Sheterline, Conisborough
  • SEND Boys KS3 (26 entries)
    • 1.  Alan Studniak, Mossbourne Community Academy
    • 2.  PJ O’Donovan, Marlow RC
    • 3.  Arjun Singh, Stormont House

SEND Girls KS3 medalists presented by Olympic Champion Mark Hunter

njirc 3
SEND Boys KS4 medalists

Stormont House SEND medalists with their coach

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