Marlow Town Regatta 2018

20 Jun

Great Marlow School’s Aidan Kelly and Mateausz Stan (PR2)

Marlow RC keeps pushing the adaptive support forward. This time it is the town’s social event of the year, the Marlow Town Regatta. Building from the milestone Marlow Spring Regatta, Marlow Town actually increased the number of adaptive medal events from 11 to 14 (see list at bottom of winners).

The event was also a chance to try out a few protocol enhancements introduced by the umpires. The Thames Valley umpires now have quite an extensive experience with adaptive racing and it new formats of time handicapping and supported doubles. The new protocols include the follow provisions:

  • Maximum Time Handicaps – For the sake of safety with the umpire launches getting too far away from any of the boats.
  • Competition Alignment – Focus to assemble competitors into the most comparable (a) boat types, and (b) athlete classifications/disabilities (Time Handicapping, in principle, let’s one race anyone against anyone, but the umpires are pushing for more comparable athlete groupings).
  • Pre-Race Safety Briefings – Re-affirming a best practice that has been in place in many events.
  • Confidential Medical Condition Disclosure – Process for sharing medical information with marshals on a confidential basis if desired by the athlete.

Here are the Marlow Town 2018 winners:

  • Open Adaptive 1x A (TH) – Ben Marsden, Marlow
  • Open Adaptive 1x B (TH) – Rory Stenton, City of Oxford
  • Open Adaptive 1x C (TH) – Dan Stevenson, Maidenhead
  • Womens Adaptive 1x A (TH) – Ella Holloway, Marlow
  • Womens Adaptive 1x B (TH) – Sally Hopewell, Marlow
  • Womens Adaptive 1x C (TH) – Rachel Morris, Guildford
  • Junior Adaptive 1x Fixed Seat (TH) – Mateusz Stan, Great Marlow School
  • Junior Adaptive 1x Open – Sebastian Johnson, Marlow
  • Junior Supported Adaptive 2x – Mateusz Stan and Aidan Kelly, Great Marlow School
  • Open Supported Adaptive 2x (TH) – Steve Bloyce and Dylan Gomersall, Maidenhead
  • Open Supported Adaptive 2x – Dan Stevenson + Poppy Jaminson, Maidenhead
  • Womens Supported Adaptive 2x – Ella Holloway and Pippa Harrison, Marlow
  • Open/Junior Supported Adaptive 2x – Sebastian Johnson and Stephen Pickin, Marlow
  • Mixed Supported Adaptive 2x – Hilary Birkenshaw and Chris Boys, Guildford

Marlow Town 2018 1
Marlow Rowing Club adaptive boat staging

Marlow Town 2018 3
Guildford’s Chris Boys (PR3) and Hilary Birkenshaw (PR3) launching

Marlow Town 2018 2
Twickenham’s Ben Pritchard launching supported by BR Development Coach Ella Willott

Marlow Town 2018 4
Wheelchair parking by the clubhouse

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