Pat Davis Memorial Row

2 Jul

Pat Davis continues to inspire the generosity and initiative in getting the disabled community onto the river. She sadly passed away last year and a group of fond and enthusiastic supporters organized a memorial row in her honour. Ralph Hope, James Newcomb and Ed Burroughs from Runcorn Rowing Club rowed 110 miles (and 33 locks) of the Thames from Cookham to Oxford and back in a restored 1895 skiff named ‘Tara’. Last year their sponsored row raised money for their Impact Foundation which provided for about 375 operations to restore or repair sight, hearing, mobility, fistula, hydrocephalus or cleft lip.  This year they hope to raise £10,000 for the Rivertime Trust.

Pat is also the individual after whom Marlow Rowing Club’s adaptive single “Rivertime Pat” is named so one of Marlow’s adaptive rowers who uses the boat regularly, Zoe Berwick, provided a flanking escort to to Tara for the Marlow-Bisham stretch.

Ralph shared the following report of the successful venture:

  • “Our week was the hottest one of the summer which now rather seems to have passed us by. There were moments when a passing shower would have been much appreciated! In going through Goring Lock the keeper advised that the previous day’s afternoon temperature was 37”. The combined ages of the 4 crew that hottest day totalled 307! In spite of the extreme hot weather all crews stuck to their sculls, with the daily destination being reached in time for tea or something stronger. Some of the 2017 crew have been on every single row and may already be thinking about next year, whereas for others it was the first year they were able to participate. I would like to thank all involved in the sculling, transport logistics and those vital lunch rations, and not least for their company.”

Pat Davis Memorial Row 2

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