Adaptive Capsize Drill

24 Feb

A capsize is always the most dangerous event for any rower and for pararowers it is all the more fraught with risk. The best way to minimise the impact of the risk (because capsizes will happen no matter how steady the boat is, whether there are safety pontoons and even if the rower is rowing carefully) is to prepare for the eventuality. In the rowing world, the first step of this preparation is the obligatory capsize drill.

So important is this activity that I have already posted two pieces about it. And with this post, I am adding my first category tag for the blog, “Capsize”, to provide a single collection of all this information.

British Rowing produced the video above comprehensively covering the principles, considerations and tips for effective capsize drills in the general.  The section on “Pararowing” drills starts at 9:30, but the rest of the video is worth watching as well.  I have been doing capsize drills for close to two decades and picked up a number of useful pointers from the video.


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