National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2019

19 Mar

The indoor rowing season concludes with one of the largest adaptive rowing events in the UK – the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships – at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. With over 70 junior adaptive entries in 4 divisions, the competition was as intense as the atmosphere was electric.

The KS4 medalists saw the return to the podium for all the winners with Georgia Walker (Marlow) defending her gold, and KS3 Girls winner from last year, Jenna Maunder (Solent), grabbing silver as she graduated from from KS3 win last year, while last year’s silver winner Lesny Mosa took bronze. Also, KS4 Boys champ last year, Brett England (Stormont) defended his title as well.

Congratulations to all the medal winners:

KS3 Boys

  1. D’Oyen Pencile, Stormont House School – 535m
  2. Nicolay Skonieczny, St Marylebone Bridge School – 519m
  3. Reuel Crossdale, Graveney School – 489m

KS3 Girls

  1. Mel Pidd, Toynbee School 455m
  2. Leona Addai, Stormont House School 442m
  3. Jayne Catchpoole, West Lea School 431m

KS4 Boys

  1. Brett England, Stormont House School 581m
  2. Rakim Richmond, West Lea School 569m
  3. Antonio Barbosa, New VIC 539m

KS4 Girls

  1. Georgia Walker, Marlow Rowing Club 521m
  2. Jenna Maunder, Toynbee School 504m

NJIRC 2019 board
KS3 competitor Sebastian Johnson (Marlow) and race steward Callum Rogers

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