Concept 2 Rowing Machine Adaptive Seats

3 Jun

I’ve already compiled a catalogue of adaptive rowing seats that I have found and pretty much all of those can be adapted for use an a rowing machine as well. But there is also a range of adaptive seats made just for rowing seat. Concept 2 features its own mini-catalogue of its own offerings as well as a number of third-party ones at “Adapting the Indoor Rower”.

As it happens, Regatta For the Disabled (RFD) recently announced that as a part of their 10th Anniversary celebration, with the support of Henley Bridge Rotary, they are sponsoring 12 FREE Memberships at Henley Leisure Centre (which has made a major investment in adaptive equipment) for disabled athletes in the area. The further example of adaptive rowing machine seats was featured on the machine that they recently acquired and was featured at the RFD launch event. To apply for consideration email for an application form.

This catalogue focuses on the market leading rowing machine, Concept2, but other brands are available.  A few of our adaptive athletes used an alternative maker due to availability (during the pandemic there was a run on rowing machines) or pricing (often the alternative brands are cheaper than the Concept2).

Concept 2 rowing seats 2

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    • Actually, an “adaptive indoor rower” is 2 things – (1) an conventional Concept2 indoor rowing machine (which tend to retail between £500 used to over £1500 new), and (2) an adaptive seat which fits onto the rowing machine. This post lists the various adaptive seat I have found and you can click on the links to see if you can order one. If you will want a fixed (not sliding) model that has both leg and chest straps. See what is available (they not a high volume item and so many times inventory can be low), and if you have any questions about which option to select, feel free to come back to me and I will help in any way I can.

  2. I’m a veteran who needs a seat for a rowing machine, can you give me details ,price,
    BLESMA is helping me pay for the seat , I have lost alot of fat ,
    I was 27 stone now through hard work I’m now 16 st 7 / and I did it through exercise and determination, I have/ CPTSD/FIBROMYALGIA/OSTEOARTHRITIS both knees and lower back.and a few other bits .
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    A veteran in need.
    All I do at the moment is delivering crisis boxes to veterans and the community in Plymouth Devon UK as vic the Viking

    • I don’t actually sell adaptive seats. I just assembled this handy collection of seats I found for sale. The post has links to the vendors who can provide prices. Also, an important point of the article was they there are a number of different designs to suit different requirements. If you need help figuring out which seat would work best for you, feel free to email me on .

  3. Hello, please can you tell me where to get the tall back set shown on the photo above? This would be perfect for the group I support. Many thanks.

    • Caroline – I’m sorry, but I have looked myself to find this seat for sale without success. I think it was made by partner company to Concept2, but then they stopped making them.

  4. Hi there.
    I’m looking for a rowing machine that is off the ground, possibly average knee height. I’m unable to get down on the floor now with my old 1.
    Thank you

    • I don’t know of any but it sounds like a pretty simple carpentry project for someone to make a box or block sturdy enough to be secured to the rowing machine legs to raise it higher in the air?

  5. Hi

    We have an issues with our adapt 2 row machine – the seat is scraping against the frame – model e
    SN- 0709100-IE4-10028471

    We could do with booking a technician

    • There is no official, formal support for these seats. Especially as the manufactured seats are often only half the issue and one often needs to adapt and customize them a bit depending on the athlete’s impairment. The have an excellent boatman (John Stevenson) who we turn to at Marlow RC to devise engineering solutions to fix these sorts of issues. I know other clubs turns to other community resources (volunteer and professional) to adapt as needed.

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