Parasport Profile – Kirsty Mason

1 Jul

Kirsty Mason is one of the latest faces of Parasport and in particular featured in the sport of rowing. It was actually Kirsty’s work with Parasport UK that led her to rowing at Marlow. The organization was doing some photoshoots and asked her to do some shots on the rowing machine at the gym where she trains (she has been doing adaptive weight lifting for a while). She found the exercise enjoyable (I know, go figure) and wanted to learn more about rowing.

Her profile is a great account of our odyssey from suffering impairment to thriving through adaptation:

  • “I’ve tried all sorts of different sports and activities. I used to run a lot when I was younger but I’ve given that up now because there is too much pain. It’s sad but there’s always something else out there. I do a lot of weights but I think I always missed the competitive element to sport so, since being on the Parasport advert, I’ve used the website and I’ve recently joined a rowing club and have competed, and won, at my first regatta. I had no idea how to row but now I’ve had a few sessions on the water and am a British Rowing member and I’ve found a sport that I actually love. Where I used to get pain running, rowing is completely different. I don’t experience any pain at all and it feels like I don’t have a disability.”

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