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6 Aug

The International Mixed Ability Sports website is a rich online resource with lots of information about building sports programmes around people with diverse abilities including disability. Its blog includes a number if fine posts focused on the sport of rowing and especially the experience of the Bradford Amateur Rowing Club’s introduction of mixed ability rowing into their club.

  • All in the Same Boat” – A look at Bradford Amateur Rowing Club’s introduction of mixed ability rowing into their club: “Breaking down these elitist perceptions, and wanting to give back to the community were key motivations for being involved. This did not mean there weren’t early concerns, in particular about stretching club resources, the communication challenges they might face with people with learning disabilities, and the risks posed by the river environment. But the MA ethos of ‘you work with what you have’ made it possible to experiment with the concept without requiring significant infrastructural changes or financial investment.”
  • Mixed Ability Rowing in Practice” – A more comprehensive analysis of the BARC experience including a number if “Key Findings” such as “Mixed Ability rowing does not require significant infrastructural changes to the club and its facilities. This was one of the main reasons BARC opted to implement it, and might make it more attractive to other clubs too.”
  • “#DeafAwarenessWeek – Michael’s Journey” – A case study of BARC mixed ability member Michael who is hearing impaired: “The key learning from MA has all been around communication. How we communicate about the learning process, how we communicate whilst on the water, how we communicate about what’s going on in the club. The actual rowing is the easiest part!

A great collection of insights especially for clubs looking to introduce adaptive rowing to their club, but also plenty for those already and running as well.

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