Pairs Head 2019

7 Oct

Most adaptive rowers retire to land training for the months of Head racing as the long distances and harsh conditions are often too much for many of them. But not for Marlow adaptives as Ella Holloway (supported by Pippa Harrison) and Ben Marsden (supported by Paul Thomas) carried on the Marlow leadership in featuring adaptive competition at the Pairs Head this weekend in their Supported Adaptive 2x/- event.

Supported Paul Thomas had some tips for prospective support rowers:

  • “For supporters, something to note might be that the 2x could go a little slower than you are used to, especially for a given rate if we are rowing a little shorter than normal.  Since we quite often use boats and blades set up for non-para athletes, a quick check of the rig could be in order.  Sculling with Ben, I used my blades unchanged from the single, and that seemed to feel about right.”

Pairs Head 2019 2

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