Regatta for the Disabled 2019

12 Oct

Over 700 people converged on Henley’s Phyllis Court (a major supporter of disabled access to the river including their annual Phyllis Court Time Trial) for the 10th (!) Annual Regatta for the Disabled. The event featured a carnival atmosphere a centered around a bell boat competition and a regular outings on the famous “Rivertime” river cruising boat with 316 people having river trips.

Chairperson Lucy Bowley shared the background of the day:

    • · “The Regatta started because a couple of us were at the Royal Regatta and realised that our disabled children would not be able to enjoy a river experience like that. So we got a group of people together who had big hearts and wanted to make a difference. The first event was in 2010. Each year more and more disabled people have come with their families and friends and enjoyed a day by the river. The beautiful setting on Phyllis Court provides the perfect stop for enjoying the Thames. The bellboat racing, Rivertime and Hobbs boats provide opportunities for getting out on the water, and the land activities mean a full day of activities, fun and entertainment can be enjoyed by everyone.”

The day was supported by a number of the Thames Valley adaptive rowing coaches including Maidenhead Nick Steele supporting the Chiltern Centre who enjoyed the day and entered a boat in the bell boat racing (see photo below), and Marlow’s Bruce Lynn serving as co-MC for the day providing commentary to the racing as well as information about adaptive rowing.

Congratulations the bell boat finalists were “Beer We Go” (led by Alan Bulter) who bested runners up “Aquaholics” (led by Ellis Dombey) in a hard fought, close finishing finale. Also, the Chiltern Centre was presented with a special award for “Best Effort”.

Also congratulations to the Erg Challenge winners…

  • 10-18yr Boys – Michael O’Neil
  • 14-16yr Girls – Pia Butcher
  • 18+yrs Women – Lucie Cane
  • Under 16 Boys – Ibrahim
  • 18+yrs Men – Ona Carter


RFD 2019 1

RFD 2019 2

RFD 2019 4

RFD 2019 5

RFD 2019 6

RFD 2019 7

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