World Rowing Pararowing Online Course

22 Oct

World Rowing has published a comprehensive set of training materials for coaching Adaptive and Pararowing (thanks Helene): Level 1 Para-Rowing (go to “Level 1” tab). The table of contents is above and few sample slides shown below.

In their #4 module “Access & Inclusive Rowing Provision”, I would add a slide right up front which clarifies “Do not let club accessibility concerns get in the way of offering adaptive rowing.” Adaptive athletes are used to dealing with a world that presents constant challenges to their impairments. They are very accustomed to and adapt at managing around the impediments. All too often, lack of facility accessibility is cited as the primary reason for not offering adaptive rowing, unfortunately, when in many situations the inaccessibility is pretty standard fare for these athletes. Furthermore, welcoming adaptive athletes, despite the accessibility challenges, is one of the best ways to improve accessibility as they will provide insightful approaches and solutions.

Adaptive Rowing online course 2

Adaptive Rowing online course 3

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  1. The links in this article no longer seem to be current. Would it be possible to update them, please? It looks like a useful resource. Thanks!

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