Single Arm Snatch

31 Oct
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Monster feat!

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This remarkable feat is the result of extended and specialized training with support. As has been discussed, a surge of single-arm rowers have joined the UK adaptive/para community in the past few years with a range of impairments including amputation, injury and Parkinsons. This group has contributed to the introduction of sweep rowing in the club adaptive circuit both with the “Supported Pair/Double” and the first ever “Supported Four” event.

And if you’ve got one arm to use, then I guess it had better be strong. Demonstrating the extent of his unibrachial S&C work, Steve Bloyce of Maidenhead posted the video above of his mastering the one arm snatch. So inspired and not to be outdone, Marlow’s Kirsty Mason matched the achievement and posted it as well (see below)

Another single-arm rower, Neil Lawson on City of Oxford RC, recently shared his powerful story of returning to rowing years after a serious motorcycle accident which left him without the use of one arm on BBC’s show “Call You and Yours”. In the broadcast a show on “How did life change for you, or someone you love, after a major injury” at minute 32:17, the show features he talks about getting back into the sport and thriving in a new approach to this activity.

Scarily strong!

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