Wheelchair Erging

15 Nov

Surfing through a range of online adaptive resources, I happened upon this clever fitting by Adapt2Row that goes on to any Concept 2E model to directly attach a wheelchair to a rowing machine. This simple adaptation reduces the requirement to procure a specialist erg seat (which can be expensive) and lets the athlete use their own wheelchair (often tailored in a number of ways to suit them in a custom fashion) for rowing. Also, it can be very helpful if transferring is a particular challenge for the athlete.

The fixed back on a wheelchair means that this device is most suited for PR1 (arms and shoulders) athletes.

Even if you don’t have Adapt2Row’s device, you can always detach the sliding rail of a Concept2 and position the main flywheel part in front of a wheelchair. It is a bit a faff and you might have to play around with a jury-rigged way to secure it in place (and the chair). But we have used this approach to provide access to an erg for patients at Stoke Mandeville in our taster sessions.

Wheelchair erg 2

6 Replies to “Wheelchair Erging

  1. Could you help do you know of anything that would attach to the rower that could be used for a person with cp as need the leg movement, and lower back movement to strengthen muscles and work the hip/leg extensors and the flexors as weak, need back support for rower? Any ideas

    Barbara Barnes

    • Barbara – As you are aware, CP affects people with widely varying degrees of severity and widely varying areas of the body impaired. It would be difficult to prescribe specific ideas for general application. In general, you adapt the equipment to provide support where the individual needs it and to provide freedom of movement where support is not needed. We have recently spec’d a very elaborate seat adaptation for an individual with severe CP. The back had to be made of molded foam to balance out the back support as the CP had twisted his posture somewhat. Feel free to email me at bruce_lynn@hotmail.com and I am happy to provide more detailed ideas with more information about the impairments and desired outcomes.

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