LoveRowing Foundation Launch

25 Nov

The LoveRowing charity/foundation launched to a packed Cutty Sark exhibition hall filled with some of British rowing’s biggest names and supporters last week. Its mission:

  • “Love Rowing is British Rowing’s new charitable foundation. Our mission is to create accessible and inclusive rowing programmes for communities that are currently underrepresented in the sport. We aim to change lives, working together with our partners, through the unique benefits and transformative impact of rowing.”

PR3 rower Sophie Harris, who rows on the GB Development squad, gave the address to the audience talking about pararowing and the impact of the sport on her life, a below the knee amputee (see photo below).

The evening also featured a stirring montage of footage from various examples of pararowing as well as other underrepresented communities (see video). A total of over £50,000 was raised on the night to kickoff the fundraising for the resources to support initiatives in these areas. British Rowing’s summary of the event is here.

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