National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2020

29 Feb

The largest adaptive rowing event in the UK with over 100 entries returned to Olympic Park with the next generation of adaptive rowers completely filling all corners of the competition floor.  Special kudos to Stormont house School who were the unofficial “Victor Ludorum” winners (best club position with 1 gold, 2 silvers, and 3 bronze).

Big congratulations to the medalists:

KS3 Boys

  1. Jack Westacott, Toynbee School – 536m
  2. Kenneil Nanton, Stormont House School – 516m
  3. Anthony Ellington, Stormont House School – 513m

KS3 Girls

  1. Ekene Iwuanyanwu, St Angelas Ursuline – 490m
  2. Mel Pidd, Toynbee School – 478m
  3. Leona Addai, Stormont House School – 473m

KS4 Boys

  1. DJ Pencile , Stormont House School – 576m
  2. Harvey Wintle, Marlow RC – 559m
  3. Nicolay Skonieczny, St Marylebone Bridge – 553m

KS4 Girls

  1. Martina Appah, St Angelas Ursuline – 484m
  2. Bobbi-May Gipson, Stormont House School – 449m
  3. D’yah Alfred, Stormont House School – 440m

KS5 Boys

  1. Eric Godefroy, Trinity – 524m
  2. Sebastian Johnson, Marlow RC – 513m
  3. Hassan Khan, New Vic – 488m

KS5 Girls

  1. Georgia Walker, Marlow RC – 522m
  2. Rida Hussain , New Vic – 401m
  3. Jessica White, Trinity – 397m
  4. Kya Odoe, Trinity – 390m

NJIRC 2020 KS3 Boys
KS3 Boys medalists (ltr) – Anthony Ellington, Jack Westacott, Kenneil Nanton

NJIRC 2020 - KS3 Girls
KS3 Girls medalists (ltr) – Mel Pidd, Ekene Iwuanyanwu, Leona Addai

NJIRC 2020 - KS4 boys
KS4 Boys medalists – (ltr) Harvey Wintle, DJ Pencile, Nicolay Skonieczny

NJIRC 2020 - KS4 Girls
KS4 Girls medalists (ltr) – Bobbi-May Gipson, Martina Appah, D’yah Alfred

NJIRC 2020 - KS5 Boys
KS5 Boys medalists (ltr) – Sebastian Johnson, Eric Godefroy, Kya Odoe (medal presented here)

NJIRC 2020 - KS5 girls
KS5 Girls medalists (ltr) –, Rida Hussain, Georgia Walker, Jessica White

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