BR Virtual Training Sessions

10 Apr

For working off some of those chocolate eggs from yesterday or to assist with the extended indoor rowing mode of the past month’s lockdown, British Rowing has produced some very high standard workout videos on their YouTube channel. They feature Clare Holman of BR going through a quite concise 20 minute set of exercises both on and off the erg. It provides both variety and some good quality work. The whole session is produced to very high quality with very helpful graphics.

Marlow RC Adaptives decided to give the workout a go during one of its virtual sessions.

The Comments area has a section Clare wrote for Adaptives/Paras adapting the workout:

  • Here are some exercise adaptions for the circuit exercises you can use if you have an impairment.
  • If you can’t do a squat, you can do a resisted crunch using dumbbells or a resistance band attached to the front of the machine.
  • If you can’t do a bicycle crunch you could do a seated twist with no leg movement or an upright twist using your shoulders only.
  • If you can’t do a walkout you could do a lunge, or a lateral raise using dumbbells or tricep extensions using a resistance band attached to the back of the machine.
  • For more information on adaptive indoor rowing head to the British Rowing website

From the Marlow experience, we would add that sometimes the transitions between one exercise and another can go a bit quickly. Its great for keeping things moving, but if you are trying to follow along then it can be difficult at points. Also, a consideration for the visually impaired is that a number of directions are not as verbally as explicit as they could be primarily because the video is showing you what to do. If you think you might have limited mobility or ability to watch the video during the workout, I’d recommend just going through the video first off the erg before doing your workout along to it.

Keep safe and keep rowing.

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