Concept 2 Marathon Challenge

8 Jul

You think that you’re sick of erging over the months?  Tiy hours of it non-stop.

Everyone has a bit more time on their hands these days of lockdown. A number of clubs have been able to carry on with virtual training sessions and for those you own their own ergs, they’ve never done so much indoor rowing. Not just over time, but sometimes in extra long endurance sessions (anything to pass the time, eh?).

To give people all the more rowing challenge, Concept2 hosted its “Marathon and Century Challenge” between 01-15 May. And British adaptive and pararowers rose to the challenge in a big way. Marlow made a club-wide virtual event of the challenge with various club members dialing into the virtual session to row along in support (see screen shot above). In the end, 4 of the rowers set new World Record marks in their categories:

  • Kingsley Ijomah beat the Men’s’ PR1 30-39 Marathon World Record by 5 minutes.
  • Naomi Riches beat the Women’s’ PR3-VI Overall Marathon World Record by nearly a half hour!
  • Sally Hopewell set the Women’s’ PR1 40-49 Half Marathon World Record.
  • Ella Holloway set a Women’s’ PR3 19-29 Marathon World Record

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