Remote Rowing Racing

17 Sep

While the rowing training has more or less resumed on the water (with an extensive set of preventative protocols to protect against COVID transmission), competition has not yet taken the same step. The ability to manage the precautions with larger groups remains a challenge though the governing bodies are continuing to work on devising modest steps forward to getting proper water competition (in face, the Adaptive Advisory Group met this Monday with British Rowing, over Zoom of course, to discuss those and other issues). In the meantime, a number of folks have stepped forward with some inspired virtual and online competitions:

  • DORSET (20-22 November) – The Dorset Indoor Rowing Championships have been introduced this year which will include adaptive categories.
  • BRITISH ROWING CHALLENGES – In an effort to keep the focus and competitive spirit strong, British Rowing has initiated a number of remote challenges and competitions all of which have all the para classifications available. Some of these long distance challenges (eg. Rowing a Marathon) has been tackled by UK paras already this year. At the advisory meeting, BR also mentioned that they would welcome further ideas for special challenges particular suited to the adaptive community (answers on a virtual postcard please!).
  • HEAD OF THE CHARLES REGATTA (09-16 October) – The legendary Head of the Charles Regatta, especially renowned for its crowds which number in the hundreds of thousands, is another casualty to the priority of social distancing and reducing travel. But the HOCR have put together a number of online and on-water competitions including a full slate of para categories.

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