EnduRow Challenge

14 Jan

The pandemic lockdowns have relegated the entire rowing world record-setting hours on the erg, and now pioneering adaptive athlete is spearheading the biggest row of them all for the entire world. Steve Dowd’s EnduRow Challenge aims to

· “With the anxiety and isolation COVID-19 has caused, which is devastating for everyone’s mental and physical health, I wanted to create an event that could bring everyone everywhere together at the same moment in time to do something constructive. Indoor rowing has the potential to do that. The target is 10,000 participants globally erging live for 4 hours solo or in crews, and fundraising a collective £1m. This would make it the World’s biggest, fully-inclusive indoor rowing charity event. The event is unique in that it’s all about diversity and inclusivity, not winners and losers. Everyone. Everywhere. Pulling together!”

I caught up with Steve and he shared the following further insights into the planned day:

  • ·“It’s a fully-inclusive global-community event where minutes replace metres and we work together.
    • We start together (1500 GMT)
    • We row together
    • We finish together (1900 GMT)
    • We fundraise together (for Wings for Life)”
  • “Whoever you are. Whatever your ability. Everyone. Everywhere. Pulling together.
    There will be a livestream broadcast during the event that participants and spectators can tune into.. It’s not limited Concept2 and machine’s aren’t linked (think ZoomErgos). It’s for everyone everywhere so if you can access an erg (or ski erg) you can row with the World on 6th February. I’ve purposefully left a gaping hole to allow privately organised competition if people want to get creatively competitive, eg individual vs individual, team vs team, club vs club etc., then they are welcome to do so.”

The funds raised will go to a charity which a segment of pararowers will support keenly – Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.

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