Bewl Bridge Virtual Regatta 2021

23 Feb

The latest virtual competition was this past weekend’s Bewl Bridge Virtual Regatta which not only added adaptive categories, but also ran the event in the most convenient way imaginable. No fancy software to integrate with. No specific timings to coordinate. Not even an entry fee. In fact, you didn’t even need to have a rowing machine as the event offered a running option for those without the luxury of home ergs.

The event review commented:

  • “In the Men’s AR3 category, Chris Boys (GUI) time for the 1k was 3.54.3. This performance was within 1% of the current world record for 60 to 69 year olds PR3 (PD) which is currently held by an Australian, James Johnson in 3.52.4. This puts Chris, 68 years old, within 1% of the world record. Needless to say, he now has it in his sights. Chris, we wish every success in your world record challenge.”
  • In the Junior age groups and fastest in the 1k event, Harvey Wintle (MAR) completed his 1000m in 3.35 with split of 1.47.5. Harvey also ranked highly on the percentage of GMS scores using Concept 2 reference tables for 2k.”

Kudos to all the adaptive rowers who supported this new event:

  • AR3 2x
    • Dan Stevens / Steve Bloyce, Maidenhead
  • AR3 1x
    • Harvey Wintle, Marlow
    • Chris Boys, Guildford
    • Ian Ward, Sudbury

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