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21 Jun

Attaching rigger pontoons is the conventional approach to adding some stability to a single scull for an adaptive rower who (a) might have balance issues, or (b) might be more vulnerable (eg. fixed seat). But Wraptor has a product called the “Wraptor Balance” which is an interesting alternative device which may suit some clubs’ requirements.

Pontoons run about £250/pair so at £399, the Wraptor Balance doesn’t save you any money (in fact, it’s roughly the price of two sets of pontoons). The key benefit to the device is its versatility. It can go on just about any single or double scull (including even boats and adaptations without riggers like the FrontRower).

Adaptive pontoons are typically limited to attaching to the same manufacturer of the boat itself as they have proprietary attachments designed to work with the boat rigger designs. And only Fiippi, Swift and Wintech make these pontoon adaptive models and hence these pontoons. You can (and we have at Marlow) finagle some kludging to get some of these 3 pontoon models to get attached to other makes of boat riggers, but it often takes some serious metalwork to make sure it is secure and safe.

Key benefit to the Wraptor Balance is the ability to use on a range of boats. One device can moved around an assortment of boats in your fleet depending on suitability and availability.

Marlow RC owns a Wraptor Balance (see photo at bottom). We have used it at a couple of times when we were short of pontoons and it was a handy solution to get us on the water. It does create much more drag that than conventional adaptive pontoons (which are lighter weight, do a better job of skimming the water especially with their adjustable heights, and don’t have the strapping affecting the hull profile).

Frankly, we do use it much so if any UK club would like to borrow ours to try out before investing in one, feel free to get in touch with me.

Wraptor 1

2 Replies to “Wraptor Balance

  1. Hello- the Bendigo Rowing Club (Australia) is interested in the Wraptor Balance as a piece of equipment that could support our learn to row programs and helping people who are struggling to balance a boat and have a fear of capsizing. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be on the market anymore- or at least they are not available here in Australia. Do you have any suggestions/ advice that could assist us ? Kind regards
    Jesse Sherwood
    Bendigo Rowing Club
    0417 154 778

    • If I were in your shoes, I would find someone visiting Australia from Europe, buy the Wraptor, ship it to them, and pay the extra baggage fee for the person to bring it with them on their flight.

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