Bruce Lynn Interview Podcast

12 Jul

  Paddy Wilkins invited me to do a podcast about Adaptive and Pararowing for the Pulse School series which provided an opportunity to share my experiences about the sport in a more conversational manner. I share my rowing background, the history of the Marlow adaptive/pararowing programme, and many reflections on building and supporting adaptive rowing. I hope you find it useful or interesting or useful.

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    I have been given your contact details by Pippa Harrison at British Rowing..
    This is an enquiry on behalf of my nephew aged early 30’s who was very seriously injured in March by a near fatal head injury whilst working on a home lathe. He has made an extraordinary recovery but has lossed all forward sight retaining only peripheral vision.
    He is being discharged from hospital in January. Home is remote and he cannot drive. But it does have a large private lake adjoining on which he could ( at least in my opinion) row safely if some form of crude navigation system is available. I am an offshore sailor and am conversant with boat navigation systems/autopilots and I think we could chart the lake with relevant waypoints etc. . I wonder if you have any experience.
    He had a very promising career as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and I am very anxious to see if we can find a challenging outlet to compensate for his current condition.
    Any help or guidance would be much appreciated
    Giles Winter 07798 927618. 01263 584 139

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