British Virtual Indoor Rowing Championships 2021

12 Sep

Despite over a year of lock-down erging, some folks just can’t get enough and have jumped back on the rowing machine for the British Virtual Indoor Championships which were held live and streamed on YouTube this past week. The event attracted competition from around the world (the “virtual” format making global participation easier than ever and “British” title more about the hoster than the field) including entries from the USA, Italy, Malta, Germany, Russia, Australia, Canada. But the UK athletes prevailed at the podium led overwhelmingly by a deep and powerful showing by team “We Are Invictus”.

Congratulations to the British medal winners:

  • M IAR6 (4 mins) – Mark Perkins (Invictus) silver, Warren Jones (Invictus) bronze (6 entries)
  • W PR3-PD (4 mins) – Lucy Holt (Invictus) silver
  • W IAR6 (4 mins) – Sally Renard (Invictus) gold
  • M IAR4 (4 mins) – Andrew Mcevoy (Invictus) gold
  • M IAR2 (4 mins) – Chris Anslow (Invictus) silver, Richard Heather (Invictus) silver
  • W IAR3 (4 mins) – Rachel Williamson (Invictus) gold
  • M PR3 (100m) – Sean Gaffney (Sub 7) gold, Mark Perkins (Invictus) silver
  • M PR1 (100m) – Chris Anslow (Invictus) gold
  • W PR3 (100m) – Lucy Holt (Invictus) gold
  • W PR2 (100m) – Caroline Buckle (Doncaster) gold
  • M PR3-PD (2000m) – Sean Gaffney (Sub 7) gold, Ben Marsden (Marlow) silver
  • M IAR6 (2000m) – Raymond Robinson (Invictus)
  • W IAR6 (2000m) – Stacey Denyer (Invictus) gold
  • W IAR4 (2000m) – Gemma Kemble-Stephenson (Help for Heroes) gold
  • W PR2 (2000m) – Caroline Buckle (Doncaster) gold
  • W PR3-PD (1 min) – Lucy Holt (Invictus) gold
  • W IAR6 (1 min) – Stacey Denyer (Invictus) gold
  • W PR2 (1 min) – Caroline Buckle (Invictus) gold)
  • W IAR3 (1 min) – Rachel Williamson (Invictus) gold
  • M IAR6 (1 min) – Warren Jones (Invictus) silver
  • M IAR2 (1 min) – Chris Anslow (Invictus) gold
  • M IAR4 (1 min) – Andrew Mcevoy (Invictus) – gold

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