LD Coaching Study

18 Jan

Kandianos Emmanouil Sakalidis, BSc, MSc PhD Student at the Department of Sport Exercise and Rehabilitation of Northumbria University recently conducted a study on coaching athletes with learning disabilities. He included a number of UK adaptive coaches and athletes in the study (including myself). He recently shared his top line findings with me to share with the UK adaptive community.

  • “These findings indicate the importance of the coach-athlete relationship in LD sports and suggest that athletes with LD have capability to recognize different coaching styles and respond accordingly…The Coaches’ educations towards disability will be beneficial only if the coaches acknowledge that each athlete (with or without LD) has a unique personality, and they need to adapt their behaviour to each athlete’s needs.”

The full study summary is available here for download.

With this post, I have added a new tag for “Research”.

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