EnduRow Max-Mix Ability Quad

21 Jan

Perhaps the most ‘Mixed Ability’ boat to ever be assembled took to the water this week in support of the EnduRow Challenge. This max-mix of ability included (from bow to stern in photo above):

  • Cath Bishop – World Champion, Olympic Medalist and Chairwoman of British Rowing #LoveRowing
  • Steven Dowd – Founder of EnduRow Challenge, novice adaptive rower
  • Naomi Riches MBE – World Champion Para Rower, Paralympic Champion PR3-VI, World Record holder and Chairwoman of #HenleyWomensRegatta
  • Kingsley Ijomah – African Champion and Paralympian PR1

The crew represented…

  • x4 different ability categories
  • x2 genders
  • x2 continents
  • x6 Olympiads (Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing, London, Tokyo)
  • x7 different organisations collaborating voluntarily to make it happen.

The scratch quad was a vibrant portrayal of just how far one can take inclusion in rowing. A diversity that EnduRow Challenge is seeking for its big event on Saturday 5th February and supporting with the funds it raises (for Para Rowing Foundation).

EnduRow Founder Steven Dowd commented:

  • “What an incredible experience for a complete newbie rower! I loved every minute and I can’t thank those at Marlow RC enough for making this happen. I’m just glad I didn’t capsize a boat load of elites. Creation of a such mixed boat to showcase and inspire diversity in rowing sits perfectly with EnduRow Challenge’s vision of ‘everyone everywhere pulling together’ whilst raising funds for great causes. On 5th Feb, row with the World and fundraise for Para Rowing Foundation. Help power people with impairments internationally become the best athlete they can be through rowing.”

Paralympic Champion Cath Bishop added:

  • “Rowing with Naomi, Steven and Kingsley was a privilege and a huge amount of fun, and at last, I got to be the bowgirl! All in all, a unique experience that only served to further deepen the joy I always get from being on the river in a rowing boat with great people.”

And Kingsley Ijomah added:

  • “”What I especially loved about our outing together was how effortlessly without doubt 4 of us got into a boat, with 4 different abilities with no practice required, we just owned the river from the very first stroke! huge thanks to Cath’s calls as our bow, every instruction built our confidence together, loved it!!! hope we get to do more of these.”


EnduRow Quad 3

EnduRow Quad 1

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