Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships

24 Jan

Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships 2022 b

The indoor rowing season continues with this past weekend’s Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships. Again, We Are Invictus (4 wins) and Marlow (3 wins) led the para/adaptive table.  Noteworthy performances by Ella Holloway of Marlow who set the PR3 Scottish records for both the 100m and the 500m, and Rhys Davies of Aberporth who broke the world record for the 100m PR3-ID.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Open IAR6 100m – Raymond Robinson, We Are Invictus
  • Womens IAR6 100m – Stacey Denyer, RAF
  • Open IAR5 100m – Mark Perkins, We Are Invictus
  • Womens PR3 100m – Ella Abrams Holloway, Marlow
  • Open PR3-II 100m – Rhys Davies, Aberporth
  • IAR6 4 min – Raymond Robinson, We Are Invictus
  • Open PR3 2000m – Ben Marsden, Marlow
  • Womens PR3 2000m – Gaynor Martin, Fishguard & Goodwick Jemima
  • Open PR3 500m – Mark Perkins – We Are Invictus
  • Open PR3 II 500m – Rhys Davies, Aberporth
  • Womens PR3 500m – Ella Abrams Holloway, Marlow

The PR/IR events are shown at 10:18, 13:10 and 14:57 in the video recording below –

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