National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2022

6 Mar

The pandemic spurred a boost in indoor rowing (you couldn’t find a rowing machine for love nor money) as well as online/remote competitions. The National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships went virtual last year and, despite the lockdown relaxation, decided to remain so one more year. The event is the biggest adaptive rowing event in the UK traditionally drawing over 100 competitors. This year more than double than competed over the 5 day period with 270 SEND entries.

SEND powerhouse schools Mayesbrook (3 medals), Stormont (3 medals) and Drummbeat (1 medal) all entered major contingents of athletes. But boat clubs, The Gorse and Marlow, both snared 3 medals as well.

  • KS3 SEND Boys (118)
    • Gold – Cormac Farrell, Latymer Upper School BC
    • Silver – Jose Marquez, Stormont House
    • Bronze – Lincoln Matty, The Gorse BC
  • KS3 SEND Girls (34)
    • Gold – Walsh Ruby, The Gorse BC
    • Silver –Ekene Iwuanyanwu, St. Angelas Ursuline
    • Bronze – Stormont House
  • KS4 SEND Boys (47)
    • Gold – Anthony Ellington, Stormont House
    • Silver – Nana Kaffour, Mayesbrook Park
    • Bronze – Joao Mendes, Mayesbrook Park
  • KS4 SEND Girls (21)
    • Gold – Katie Mitchell, The Gorse BC
    • Silver –Tia Adu, Mayesbrook Park
    • Bronze – Leona Addai, Stormont House
  • KS5 SEND Boys (32)
    • Gold – Harvey Wintle, Marlow RC
    • Silver – Tyrese Bellinfantie-Tietie, Drumbeat School
    • Bronze – Paul Adams, Mayesbrook Park
  • KS3 SEND Girls (18)
    • Gold – Matilda Greenwood, Marlow RC
    • Silver – Kiki Quibell, Marlow RC
    • Bronze – Katherine Chimborazo-Andino, Highshore School

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