Home International Regatta 2022

29 Jul

The Home International Regatta (HIR) is most UK pararowers’ first taste of ‘international’ competition. The ‘nations’ are the four home nations of the UK – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. UK Paralympians Kingsley Ijomah and Benjamin Pritchard both had their maiden opportunities to represent their country at the HIR. And 2022’s regatta provided a dramatic venue for a several UK pararowers with similarly bright rowing futures.

Given then still small number of pararowers, the organisers introduced a variation of the time handicap system by assessing performances against GMT (gold medal times) of the respective classifications of the competitors. This approach allowed the event to combine PR1 and PR3 rowers. Congrats to the formidable athletes who managed the blustery conditions at the Docklands rowing lake:

  • Georgia Walker, Hartpury University and College
  • Mari Durward-Akhurst, Marlow
  • Luke Payne, Sudbury

(photos courtesy of Al Craigie

Home International Regatta 2022 b

Home International Regatta 2022 c

Home International Regatta 2022

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