PR1 Masterclass

14 Aug

One of the great resources for Adaptive Rowing in the UK is the “Rowability” Facebook group. It is a closes Group so you have to request to join. But when you do, you get access to all sorts of updates on goings-on in the UK adaptive community and especially access to the community itself.

A sterling example of the distinctive content available is the recent post by British Rowing of the PR1 Masterclass by GB Pararowing Coach Nick. Nick has previously shared his expertise on PR1 capsize drills (which was also subsequently shared in the Group). He ran a recorded Zoom session where he explored how different presentations of PR1 impairments affect how to optimize the stroke. He also discussed how the current relaxation of the PR1 strapping rules affects optimizing the stroke and a number of other tips and tricks in managing and exceling in the classification

But my favourite part was when he shared some of his reflections about working in the Adaptive and Pararowing community:

  • We all have experience coaching in the able-bodied world as well. Two of the most positive aspects working with Paralympic athletes [by comparison] is that (a) you’re quite often pulling them back rather than pushing them on…which I love. And (b) they come from some of the fascinating backgrounds. Rowing traditionally has perhaps a bit of worrying silver spoon heritage whereas, I think you know, pararowing is brilliant for bringing some fascinating characters in with all kinds of different experiences. And it’s really good for the sport. I’ve genuinely had some of my best interactions and met some of my favourite people in the sport since I’ve been in it (for well over 20 years) from this particular community.”

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