National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships 2023

7 Mar

The National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships are the biggest adaptive rowing event of the year in the UK. 2023’s return to live competition also brought not only a record number of adaptive entries (143), but also expanded to a two-venue event – London and Leeds – in order to make it more accessible to northern athletes. Time Trial collated the results in real time to determine the national medal winners across the two venues. The event is popular among SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) schools who do indoor rowing as a part of their school PE and sport.

The unofficial SEND “Victor Ludorum” (ie. traditional prize given at rowing competition for the team with the strongest results – in this case using the 5 points for gold, 3 points for silver and 1 point for bronze metric) goes to regular SEND NJIRC powerhouses – Stormont. As with last year, Stormont topped the leaderboard followed closely by Drumbeat and Mayesbrook. The top of the north were East SILC – HCP Temple Moor Partnership and Hanson Academy with 2 medals each. And a shout out to Marlow for the strongest rowing club finish.

Congratulations to all the SEND winners:

  • Year 7 SEND Boys
    1. Piotr Sienkiewicz, Whatley Campus
    2. Faiz Malik, Whatley Campus
    3. Harry Gardner, The Farnley Academy
  • Year 7 SEND Girls
    1. Muskaan Ahmed, Hanson Academy
  • Year 8 SEND Boys
    1. Du Jay Barnes, Stormont House
    2. Jake Nassim, Abingdon House School
    3. Matty Lincoln, The Farnley Academy
  • Year 8 SEND Girls
    1. Alisha Abloye, Highmore School
    2. Iman Ghazanfar, Hanson Academy
    3. Amelia Suleman, St. Marylebone CE Bridge School
  • Year 9 SEND Boys
    1. Mitchell Chipperfield, Mayesbrook Park School
    2. Mikey Edon Williams, Abingdon House School
    3. Jaydon Pennock, East SILC – HCP Temple Moor Partnership
  • Year 9 SEND Girls
    1. Aya El Shafei, Ruth Gorse Academy
    2. April Plummer, Stormont house
    3. Miah Russel, Abingdon House School
  • Year 10 SEND Boys
    1. Davey-Lee Dwyer, Mayesbrook Park School
    2. Elliott Trevelan, SMMM The Courtyard
    3. Jose Marquez, Stormont House
  • Year 10 SEND Girls
    1. Exene Iwuanyanwu, St. Angela’s Ursuline School
    2. Aisha Ahmed, Stormont House
    3. Leona Addal, Stormont House
  • Year 11 SEND Boys
    1. Callum Louth, East SILC – HCP Temple Moor Partnership
    2. Charlie Cutmore, SMMA The Courtyard
    3. Ian Pastana, SMMA The Courtyard
  • Year 11 SEND Girls
    1. Olivia Atkinson, St. Marylebone CE Bridge School
    2. Tanya Taha, Drumbeat School
    3. Mira Okajima, St. Marylebone CE Bridge School
  • Year 12 SEND Boys
    1. Cohen Hawthorne Pannell, Stormont School
    2. John Musisi-Kiramirike, SMMA The Courtyard
    3. Jamie Stade, Future Youth Zone
  • Year 12 SEND Girls
    1. Matilda Greenwood, Marlow
    2. Rihana Palmer-McLean, Stormont House
    3. Helen Cooper, Marlow
  • Year 13 SEND Boys
    1. Tyrese Bellinfantie-Tietie, Drumbeat School
    2. Kedar Kekeke, Drumbeat School
    3. Kane Harding, Drumbeat
  • Year 13 SEND Girls
    1. Kiki Quibell, Marlow
    2. Ejiro Odunayo, Drumbeat School

NJIRC 2023 medal

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