British Offshore Rowing Championships 2023

1 Aug

The British Rowing Offshore Championship featured the a β€˜Supported Adaptive 4+’ (2 adaptive rowers and 2 non-adaptive rowers) for the first time ever with 6 clubs participating: Stratford-upon-Avon, Coastal Barbarians, Mayflower Offshore, Exmouth, Fishguard & Goodwick Jemima and Llandaff.

Community Adaptive Group leader for coastal rowing Sophie Harris reported:

  • β€œAn amazing weekend at the British Rowing Offshore Championship. Thanks Rebekah Knight from Llandaff Rowing Club for joining Fishguard & Goodwick Jemima Rowing Club 4k of rough water expertly coxed by Allen Hodgson. Rebekah and Gaynor both PR3 athletes were joined by Martha and Alys Phillips. First race in a coastal quad for all 4 rowers. We had a blast.”

Congrats to the winner Thomas Doherty, Andrew Morris, Ali Martineau, Kath Coleman-Jones, Robert Parsons (cox) in the Coastal Barbarians / Stratford upon Avon BC composite.

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