PR1 2x Rigger

10 Aug

Typically, PR1 is a lonely classification with all of the competing and training in a 1x. A 2x format has huge benefits of teamwork as well as opening up more opportunities for competition in the Support Adaptive 2x racing. But most importantly, an adaptive 2x provides dramatically greater safety from capsize. A Double Scull is more stable than a single and in the event of capsize with a support rower right in the boat to assist with rescue if needed.

The biggest challenge to offer 2x rowing to PR1s is the rigger. PR1 riggers are themselves specialized constructions with a sharper angles to the side of boat to accommodate the shorter arc of the blade limited by the fixed seat set up. Also, the PR1 blades are correspondingly shorter. As a result, when a PR1 rower tries rowing in a standard configuration 2x, the riggers are angled further out at conventional rigger layout (see bow rigger in photo above). Then, if you try to use PR1 blades they are way too short. But if you use standard blades, then they are way too long (and no amount of adjusting the collar on the sleeve or the oarlock position can really make up the difference). One could cut down some custom-length blades, but then you would have shortened blades on standard riggers which might fix the hand position of the rowing motion, but would provide a very contorted rotation.

The answer was to produce a custom rigger that aligned the pin position correctly relative to the PR1 seat which is what Dr. Paul Thomas and myself (Bruce Lynn) did. We ordered the custom rigger through UK’s Oarsport using Wintech’s Aluminum Wing Rigger Ordering Guide (cost = £240) with the following measurements:

  • A – Bolt to Bolt – Flange = 180mm
  • B – Spread (Span) Required = 1310mm
  • C – Pin to Bow Bolt (Possibly – if you want this different to the standard rigger) = 465mm
  • D – Bolt to bolt – Width = 555mm
  • E – Seat Top to Flange = na
  • F – Flange Oarlock Height = 85mm

One can see the results in the photos here as well as the short video clip at bottom. Marlow’s PR1 athletes reported that it completely did the trick of providing a rowing motion they were used to from their PR1 1x boats, but in the 2x format. Marlow has been training with the adapted 2x and plans have its first competition at next week’s City of Oxford Regatta.

PR1 2x rigger 2

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