Regatta for the Disabled 2023

5 Sep

The Regatta for the Disabled has been running at Phyllis Court in Henley for many year to provide a summertime regatta festivity specifically catering to disabled individuals in the area.  Not unlike the co-located Royal Regatta, the focus has been heavily focused on a range on fun bankside activities. But it did have some water-based activities with a bell boat racing tournament (with a mixture of disabled and non-disabled paddlers) as well as regularly held cruises on the “Rivertime” boat which is a river cruiser completely adapted for disabled passengers. For a while, the organsing committee had been exploring whether it could feature actually adaptive rowing, but COVID and weather got in the way until this this year when Marlow RC and Maidenhead RC organised a slate of Supported Adaptive 2x races.

Congrats to the winners:

  • Ben Marsden/Sebastian Johnson, Marlow
  • Asiya Mohammed/Graham Armstrong, Marlow
  • Stephen Montague/Graham Armstrong, Marlow
  • Jordan Clarke / Helen Cooper, Marlow/Maidenhead

Regatta for the Disabled 2023 3

Regatta for the Disabled 2023 4

Regatta for the Disabled 2023


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