Runcorn / Stratford-Upon-Avon Racing Day

6 Jun

Adaptive racing used to be dominated by Southeast England, especially the Thames Valley region, but with the pioneering hinterland work of a number of clubs (especially Mark Dewdney at Stratford-upon-Avon), the Midlands and north of England are now getting quite active. Now all the adaptive racing this season has been up country. This past weekend featured the first ever Runcorn/Stratford challenge racing day. Stratford coach and coordinator Mark Dewdney shared the report below:

A week after the first adaptive races at the 2-Day Monmouth Regatta it was Trentham’s turn to host its first such races on their beautiful lake. Trentham Gardens is just South of Stoke. The shallow lake is large enough to have a 700m straight buoyed course. The overall regatta attracted 280 entries include a handful of Runcorn and Stratford adaptives

In the morning Andy Morris won the Adap Single A event final defeating his old rival, Sean Bailey of Runcorn, by a couple of lengths. The major difference being his better steering.

The 14 year old Issac Clarkson again defeated adult competition in the Adap Single B event final. The rapidly improving Stratford sculler defeating another Runcorn sculler, Mike Hopley, by a significant margin. This was Mike’s first side-by-side race. Understandably nervous he performed well against his much younger but infinitely more experienced opponent.

The doubles event had 3 crews in containing Stratford rowers. One wholly Stratford crew. Plus 2 crews made of one Stratford and on Runcorn rower. Clarkson (SUA) and Bailey (RUN) beat the full Stratford crew of Dave Day and Gillian Middletion in a semi-final. Going on to meet Morris (SUA) and Hopley (RUN) in the final. The crews were level for half the course before Clarkson/Bailey pulled away for a deserved win

Both prior to the event and the day. Runcorn and Stratford provided mentoring on safety and many other issues to ensure everything went smoothly. This ensured that the adaptive races were not an onerous issue for the organisers. There were no delays due to our presence. This follows the pattern established by Llandaff and Stratford at Monmouth. Providing the local club with the knowledge and support it needs.

There is much for non-rowing family and friends to do in the Gardens. Trentham RC regularly accept other clubs for training days on the lake. The 2 visiting adaptive clubs are looking into arranging such a visit. We are currently looking into access and other matters to determine the nature of such a training day “

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