Henley Women’s Regatta 2024

27 Jun

The Grosvenor Cup is back. The highest profile UK pararowing honour given at the Women’s Henley Regatta. The event requires 3 entries to be run and so, along with COVID interruptions, it has been ha;f a decade since the last one. Congrats to the finalists Rebekah Knight of Llandaff and the champion Samantha Gough of St. Andrews. Samantha shared her thoughts on the occasion with Adaptive Rowing UK:

  • “Racing at Henley women’s regatta was one of the best competitions I’ve took part in being able to showcase para rowing at a well-attended event and also being able to use my headset for directions it made me feel so free and independent when rowing definitely a race to remember “

With the growing number of adaptive and pararowers along with the growing number of clubs supporting them, hopefully the Grosvenor Cup will become a regular fixture.

Womens Henley 2024 cup 2

Womens Henley 2024 cup

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  1. Dear Sirs.

    The Finalists wee actually Samantha Gough, the winner and Rebekah Knight from Llandaff RC and Wales. Rebekah raced well to 3 length verdict and both scullers smashed the previous record, and that was into a head wind.

    Damian Hammond. Professional Coach to Llandaff RC.

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