Marlow Town Regatta 2024

17 Jun

Life gives you lemons, make lemonade. If there is one community that understands this notion, it is the adaptive rowing community. And it was Marlow Rowing Club’s adaptability which saved Marlow Town Regatta from being the third straight adaptive competition … Read More »

Safety Considerations for Adaptive Regattas

2 Apr

As we head into adaptive racing season, British Rowing’s Safety Advisor Stephen Worley has included a very helpful “Rescuing Adaptive Rowers at Competitions” in his monthly safety report: Events for rowers who need adaptations are being increasingly integrated into “normal” … Read More »

CAQ Equipment Loan Scheme

3 Mar

As highlighted in my post “Welcoming Adaptive Rowers” a wide range of support is available to clubs to assist with any requirements for introducing an adaptive rower to the club. The latest comes from the Community Adaptive Group (CAG) which … Read More »

Welcoming Adaptive Rowers

26 Feb

It’s never been easier to open your rowing club to the possibility of an adaptive athlete joining in. First and forecast, “welcoming” adaptive athletes’ inquiries, does NOT mean the following: That such inquiries will necessarily lead to joining – not … Read More »

Elite Competition for Non-Paralympians

2 Jan

So you didn’t make the GB Paralympic squad? What are your options for exceptional, elite-level competition in adaptive/pararowing if the Paralympics are now off the table? Whether you are striving for elite pararowing achievements so just looking for a 2024 … Read More »

Can you row with CMT?

28 Dec

Rebekah Knights rows for Llandaff Rowing Club and has been increasingly active in the adaptive rowing circuit. She shared some of her perspectives on rowing with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT): I’m Rebekah and I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT) when … Read More »